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SS Shrimp Pan Defrosting Conveyor

After freezing the shrimps inside the pan, the ice cake along with prawns has to be separated for packing & storing purpose. This is a tedious & time consuming job to be done manually. Shrimp Pan Defrosting Conveyor eliminates this issue and renders it as an easy process. This system consists of a conveyor system along with normal water spraying jet arrangement inside a small chamber. Freeze pans are set to travel on a confined path in conveyor. This confined path consists of shower line which sprinkles normal water on top of the pan. This process allows labors to separate ice cake from pan easily. The pans are stacked in a separate place and can be used in future.

Some of the features of SS Shrimp Pan Defrosting Conveyor are :

  • Efficiently saves time.
  • Prawns with ice cakes are separated without damaging pans.
  • Dripping water is collected in tank mounted at bottom reducing possibility of wet slippery floor.
  • Reduces fatigue of labor and improves productivity.
  • Continuous output at constant pace which results in uniform output.