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SS Transfer Conveyor

The conveyors which are used for material transfer inside a food processing plant is also fabricated by us. We use high quality Stainless Steel material to promise long life fault free equipment. In addition to that, our engineers will create a layout drawing according to plant layout and customer suggestions. Our main while designing layout is to transfer the material in a quick and safest way to ensure proper and damage free conveyance. Various types of belts such as Rubber belt, Modular belt & SS Wire link Belt can be used in conveyor according to customer’s needs.

Some of the features of SS Transfer Conveyor are :

  • Labor involvement can be reduced.
  • Transportation time can be considerably reduced.
  • Trolley usage can be reduced.
  • Due to Chillness retain facility; goods can be transported in a safe manner.
  • Building to building conveyor should not be a disturbance to vehicles as the conveyor is fixed in elevated position.
  • Flexible system enables numerous options to transfer goods to individual cold store.